Most of the difficulties that individuals and businesses face today are traced back to a lack of a solid foundation for professional relationships. Almost always, the assistance of others will be necessary to accomplish your goals. However, success or failure often hinges on whether or not you know the right people. Strong professional relationships help individuals, teams, and organisations generate leads, encourage innovation, move up the corporate ladder, persuade key decision-makers, attract and retain talent, and train up future leaders. At KHO, our specialty lies in being in the know to help facilitate official introductions.


If you want to start up or expand your business in the United Arab Emirates, we can provide you with the advice and tools you need to do so successfully and in accordance with local laws and regulations. When you work with KHO Business Consultancy, you'll receive a first-rate business setup tailored to your specific needs, along with transparent pricing and first-rate service. Our Expertise in business support lies in many fields, notably, legal consultancy, accounting services and profile and branding support.


Bank accounts can be difficult to set up abroad, but we assist both individuals and businesses in getting started with local and international banks in the United Arab Emirates. We'll gladly use our knowledge to guide you in selecting the most suitable bank for your individual or business requirements, helping you gather and organise the essential paperwork, scheduling an appointment with a bank representative, and keeping you regularly apprised of the status of your application.


When handled by experts, applying for a UAE residence visa with My Business KHO Business Consultancy can be a smooth and streamlined process. In order to help you get settled in the United Arab Emirates, KHO offers comprehensive services for acquiring an employment, investor, family visa, and even a golden visa as well as an Emirates ID. Please allow us to guide you through the completion of the immigration process and launch your business.


KHO guides customers to their ideal homes, apartments and offices. We offer a diverse portfolio of flats, villas, and townhouses in the United Arab Emirates' primary market. We provide all-inclusive services for all your real estate needs, whether you're looking to buy, sell, or rent.


To properly represent the values, culture, and business etiquette of the United Arab Emirates and to offer great hospitality to all guests visiting the Emirates, KHO Business Consultancy offers a range of protocol services. Our primary objective is to promote and represent the UAE in compliance with the highest international standards, reflecting the image and cultural legacy of the UAE community, as well as to manage and support local and international protocols for government and private business entities.