Al Sidr - Hershey Gargash

Hershey Gargash

from WAWW

WAWW is a luxury travel magazine that captures the essence of extraordinary destinations and provides unparalleled insights into high-end travel.

Al Sidr - Tim Badham

Tim Badham

from Innerplace

Innerplace is a premier lifestyle concierge service, granting exclusive access to top clubs, restaurants, events, and experiences in various cities.

Al Sidr - Joelle Khouri

Joelle Khouri

from Alsidr

Alsidr is a business consulting company that assists individuals and businesses with setting up shop, incorporating, and navigating the UAE business landscape.

Al Sidr - Veronica Kohlbecker

Veronica Kohlbecker

from KO Studio

KO Studio is a creative design agency specializing in innovative branding, graphic design, and digital solutions.

Al Sidr - Natalia Faeh

Natalia Faeh

from Oracle Edition

Real Estate Oracle Edition is a trusted real estate expert offering a wide selection of exquisite properties, expert consultancy, and investment opportunities.

Al Sidr - Nadine Karadag

Nadine Karadag

from Valeo Health

Valeo is a health platform offering at-home blood tests, personalized supplement recommendations, and online consultations to help users optimize their well-being.

Al Sidr - Veronica Kohlbecker

Ritjana Ceveli

from ERC International

ERC, a leading Emiratization talent acquisition firm, is dedicated to providing talent solutions in emerging economies. With a global reach, they aim to spread the positive impact of gender diversity.